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About Us

What Happens When You Contact Us

When most people contact us, it is their first time working with a Consulting firm, so they really don't know what to expect. We want to clarify what we do so that you understand the process we follow.

The Process

Initial Discussions
The first time we talk, it will likely be over the phone. We keep the call under 20 minutes while we work to understand your needs and what brought you to contact us. It is also the time to collect any additional contact details we need. Meanwhile, we provide you with an assessment document that your team will fill out prior to the first meeting.

Next comes the consulting meeting at your place of business. We know people are busy, so we set the meeting length for 45 minutes. Normally, that is long enough to get a good assessment of whether we can help you; if time is short, we may schedule a second follow-up meeting. The outcome of this is simple:
Determine whether we can work with you to meet your goals.

After that
Once we determine that there is a good working opportunity, our Consultants perform assessments, collect information and meet the people who are the stakeholders ... the people with "skin in the game" for meetings these goals. The outcome here is to present you with a "10,000-foot overview" of what we believe will resolve the issues and help you reach your goals. You make the choice on whether we proceed forward with the project.

Keep in mind, there has been no investment up to this point.

How Much Will This Cost?

We make the barrier to entry low - initial consultations are free, as are onsite visits to determine the workability of the opportunity. And while there are many different ways to approach projects, we make certain that the investment you will make is in line with the value you will receive.

Here is a shocker for most people: L5 Consulting does not bill by the hour. That's right ... we throw away the clock! The way we see it, a project does not gain value if you put more people working on it. Besides, two or three people should get the project completed sooner and with fewer interruptions than with a single person.

A few things to know about us ...

Anything discussed on a call or in a meeting is confidential.
We work with many companies under compliance requirements, and we understand you may have business privacy concerns. We will not discuss your details with anyone outside our company without your approval.

With your permission, we develop Case Studies and Business Briefs for your projects. Case Studies list all of the details about your business, whereas Business Briefs are anonymous. The combination of these provides other prospects and clients with a clear idea of what we achieved together.

We do not work with everyone.
We only handle a certain number of projects at any given time. Experience has taught us that quality will drop when we exceed that workload. If we cannot handle your project at that time, we may break the project into pieces (phases), or we may delay until our workload reduces enough to move forward.

Additionally, we do not accept projects for businesses that are involved in civil lawsuits, companies whose management is under criminal investigation or with companies that we believe are being untruthful with us.

If you want results that will make a difference in your business, contact us today us at (888) 727-1994, ext 3.

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