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IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS)

IT as a Service (also called Managed Services 2.0) is an updated approach to traditional technology maintenance and support. Rather than your team doing everything to support your technology environment, L5 Consulting offers a variety of automated services that provide management reporting, maintenance and support for all of your technology investment. We cover all of the following areas:


L5 Consulting virtual servers provide the same benefits of physical servers, but they are fully equipped and functional virtual environments. We provide a complete suite of management tools to deploy systems, increase or decrease resources allocated to the virtual machines, manage the number of connections and feature a simple, but effective setup that includes the operating system, hardware and software installations. Advantages include:

Deployment of various operating systems
Flexible delivery of services
Infinitely scale resources for systems
BYOL - "Bring Your Own Licensing"


When it comes to applications, L5 Consulting is tops in the industry. Not only do we support standard productivity suites, such as Microsoft Office, we also support a long list of financial and management systems such as:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Enterprise Financial (Sage, Great Plains)
Customer database (CRM)
Accounting (QuickBooks, Peachtree)
Custom-built Applications


For most of our clients, nothing is more important than email. Because of that, we host and maintain our Exchange email system that works as hard as you do. Industry-class spam and malware filtering system provides you with restful sleep, letting you know you are protected from receiving junk and virus mail. Our 24x7 support team delivers around the clock maintenance for:

Exchange 2010 / 2013 / 2016
Mailboxes up to 100 GB
Compliance-based archiving with reporting
Legal Hold capabilities
Comprehensive while/black list controls


L5 focuses on the backbone for all of your system communication. Our network designs include highly-available communication channels with a strong self-healing environment to maximize your uptime and connectivity between devices. Examples of our committment include:

Industry-leading Switch systems
Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet switches
High-speed Internet connections
Fiber connectivity
Redundant connections
Failover for all devices


Infrastructure is the shared resources of an organization's computer network. L5 focuses on all of the necessary backend components used for communication and Security. Our infrastructure projects are implemented with an eye toward high availability and self-healing. Some examples of our infrastructure include:

Active Directory / Azure AD
Application-level Security
Security Monitoring and Logging
Redundant Internet Connections

Phone and Other Systems

The network would not be complete without your communication systems such as:

Phone (PBx)
Printer / Scanner
Chat / Instant Messages

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