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The Challenge for CEOs

Because IT affects every part of the business, thriving organizations know they must manage and execute their IT in line with their most important objectives. However, most CEOs say they have difficulty aligning IT with the company’s ongoing and changing business model while maintaining market-share, better margins, and smoother operations.

This universal problem has been defined as one of the greatest challenges in business today. For that reason alone, L5 Consulting generally start with a Technology Review, or what we call the ITCq.

Your New Improvement Process

At L5 Consulting, we begin with our proprietary Assessment Process to overcome these challenges. Unlike broad audits and surveys, we align strengths and weaknesses across seven principles of competitiveness and deliver scores that show areas of needed improvements. Whether it is technology, sales, marketing or business planning, our management action tool provides a simple, intuitive review that is ...

  • Business-focused - Non-technical, management and business focused online report made for executives.
  • Quick, but comprehensive - consists of 26 questions, and completion takes about 30 minutes.
  • A Workshop - Rates how well your organization compares to others in relevant industries.
  • A Benchmark - Rates how well your organization compares to others in relevant industries.
  • Measurement of the unmeasurable - Gauges the ability of your operation to execute its top priorities.

Each question is defined by a series of standard behaviors that 1). gauge an organization's likelihood of getting value from each area, 2). find ways to improve the overall business performance and 3). deliver consistent value from operations across the entire business.

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