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Every business should consider the importance of security. At L5 Consulting, we focus on helping companies to protect their property, their employees, their trade secrets and their customers through physical and technical security measures.

On the information side, keep in mind that there are mass attacks out there targeted to infect systems in order to get protected information, such as social security numbers, addressers and credit card numbers. These types of attacks can be disastrous for small businesses, and unlike business products, there is no insurance that will adequately cover the cost of lost information.

We work with you to understand the importance of these facts because we see more than a few businesses whose leaders do not include security in the immediate ‘to-do list’, Those leaders believe that they are not targets because they think they are "too small" for someone to take such a risk. The truth is that business size is little indication of its worth (consider a small jewelry store and what it would cost to replace only a small number of precious stones!).

For more information about evaluating your business security, give us a call at (765) 237-9455, ext. 3.

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