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Business Cases

Case Study - Maximizing Manufacturing Productivity With Technology Development

Organization Description Industry: Contract Manufacturing
Description: This client is a world-class Electronic Assembly Manufacturer and proud Apple MFI Licensee. Their goal is to help customers go direct-to-China, provide design assistance, ensure the best market price, secure each assembly with top tier quality, place finished goods state side, and reduce lead-time and inventory space.

Relationship and History

Our client chose our staff to manage and maintain their client network. They had approved a server operating system upgrade and a hardware upgrade.

Business Challenge

Even with the upgrades, the client experienced 10-12 hours of business-hours downtime each year. These outages included power outages, failures in backup battery and temperature control, 2 cryptolocker virus infections; and an internal email server that had failed twice, resulting in one day each of communication outages. Even though relatively short, these interruptions impacted the delivery of services to customers, and resulted in a productivity loss of $360,000 across a six-year span.

Management wanted to replace their system resources with these goals: increase the overall network uptime; stabilize email delivery; improve Internet speed; and increase network security for the business.

Proposed Solution

L5 Consulting presented the client with a strong high-availability solution, featuring the following pieces:

  • Hosted Exchange for email, featuring 99.99 percent uptime, failover & redundancy, simplified connectivity for mobile devices
  • High-Availability hardware, the latest version of Windows Server for all new servers, and Failover Storage
  • Enterprise-class Switches
  • Duplicate high-storage battery backups
  • Firewall with perimeter-based antivirus and malware content filtering
  • Onsite/Offsite encrypted backup
  • Fiber connection to the Internet
  • Universal Communication platform

To reduce the impact of changes, this solution would be implemented in four phases: Email conversion; Server/Network upgrades; Internet; and Universal Communication.


As each piece of the solution was implmented, the client began to see far fewer interruptions. Email interruptions reduced to less than 3 minutes per year; Internet outages stopped after the old Internet connection was removed; Universal Communication allowed for improved communication with customers and vendors; and server/network resources maintained a 100 percent uptime during the first year of deployment.

Overall, this solution resulted in a net productivity increase of $70,000 per year and $130,000 per year from pre-project productivity levels. The solution reached a positive ROI within the first year.


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